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Newest Video Marketing Technology 2018


Did you know that one-third of web activity is spent watching videos?

As social media platforms continue to prioritize video over other forms of content, marketers are scrambling to find the best video producers, animation video services, and emerging video technologies.

During this fast-changing digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to know what’s new, what works, and what’s next. The proof is in the pudding- video marketers are now growing revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

Here’s some the latest video marketing technology you’ll want to adopt while (or before) it’s hot:

Live Video Streaming

In the past few years, major social networking platforms have almost all incorporated some form of live video streaming. Facebook Live is leading the way in terms of streaming popularity, but that hasn’t stopped companies like Youtube, Twitter, and Snapchat from cashing in on the billions of daily views. With major sports leagues beginning to stream full games, it’s safe to say the trend of live stream video has has caught fire in the mainstream. Don’t be late to the game.

Why it’s useful to marketers:

Live videos trigger greater emotional engagement by providing an involved and immediate connection to audiences. According to one major survey, 80% of users would rather watch live stream videos from a brand than read a blogpost. Best of all, the accessibility of this tool allows anyone to easily create real-time content and dissolves the stigma that videos must be well produced or edited to be seen, shared, or generate revenue.

VR Video

One of the more recent and exciting innovations to impact the world of video marketing is the use of Virtual Reality experiences. It’s still pretty new, but companies such as Adidas and McDonalds have wasted no time in testing out interactive media that puts the brand in front of your senses.

While these examples are more high-budget, you don’t need to be an A-list company to join in on the VR wave. Tech savvy entrepreneurs are already using 360 degree cameras to create immersive experiences for their audience. You can then upload these 360 degree videos to Facebook allowing your stunning virtual world to draw in consumers right from their newsfeeds.

Why it’s useful to marketers:

The digital environment you build with VR can be used to help customers visualize your products and services. Car manufacturers are using this technology to offer remote and virtual test drives. Charities are giving donors a chance to explore the communities benefiting from their philanthropy. VR is the most engaging way to create up-close and personal content that is intended to be funny, emotional, or communicate your company’s values.

Drone Footage

It sounds like a futurist's pipe dream, but the fact is Drones have gone mainstream. You’ve seen them at the Superbowl and they’ve already started zooming past homes for deliveries. Every business from New York to Silicon Valley will be adopting video as a main focus of their marketing and one sure fire way to stand out among the crowd is the captivating shots made possible by Drones. As cutting edge as it sounds, the truth is forward-thinking companies like Redbull have been using this strategy for for years. Drones are allowing creators to capture breathtaking perspectives that in the past were only possible with a crane or helicopter.

Why it’s useful to marketers:

Behind the scenes videos, coverage of live events, ariel shots, and the list goes on. Outdoor retailers can get footage of their products in action and real estate agents can showcase a birds eye view of the neighborhood. If you’re ready for a more aggressive approach, Drones are also working as mini portable advertisers carrying banners and posters around cities or large events. Your only limit is your creativity.

Projection Mapping

Also known as Spatial Augmented Reality, Projection Mapping is the process of projecting a video onto a 3D surface such as a building in order to create dramatic animated illusions. It’s similar to something one might see at a music festival but when combined with the right dose of branding it could easily be used to take your company’s live event to the next level. Skeptical? Coca Cola has already been spotted using this technology for a major corporate event.

Why it’s useful to marketers:

Projection Mapping is a playful and eye-catching strategy that will have everyone at your event pulling out their camera. It’s perfect for grand openings, industry conferences, and any event where you want your brand to make a splash. It’s still on the high end in terms of cost for the time being but it’s a memorable marketing tool if it’s in your company budget.

There’s a recurring pattern among the ideas featured on this list. All of these video tools are pushing the envelope when it comes to grabbing attention in the digital world. It’s a hefty goal, but one that isn’t out of reach for marketers who are willing to innovate. As final thought regarding new video marketing technology, I’ll leave you with this: Put your products where the people are watching.

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