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Castkom provides a flexible one stop solution for Facebook live streaming events. We will take 100% responsibility for Video production, sourcing Internet connection, Live stream and choosing publishing points to promote event and attract more viewers to it. Services designed in such a way that the Castkom platform would be the Ultimate Streaming Solution . Castkom will have a Dedicated, Specialized and Experienced team present at the event, with a full backup dedicated support.

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Facebook is accelerating quickly into the world
of live streaming enabling its users to broadcast
videos for a massive audience

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Why Facebook Live Is Better Than Standard Live

How isFacebook Livestrong contender?

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Facebook Live – executed by Castkom

Intel Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0 :

Intel event executed at Hyderabad for the session of 1 Hour generating 3000 viewership with Intel being first time doing Facebook streaming and satisfied with the end results.

India Telecom 2016 :

India’s biggest ICT and telecommunications conference – During the conference, Shri J.S. Deepak, Secretary DoT was “live” on Facebook answered the questions and shared his views on a range of issues linked to the ICT and Telecom sector.

Bridge Talk :

Delhi Press and Facebook sponsored event executed at Delhi and streamed on 7 Different Facebook Pages – Indian Express, Facebook India, Government Politics & Non Profits on Facebook India, Sarita, The Caravan , Grihsobha, The Bridge Talks and attracted total viewership of more than 1 Lac.