Experience SAPTA’s unique soundscape drawn by Marti’s experiences of living and performing in San Francisco, Paris, Dubai and India. It features an eclectic mix of original electronic vibes, synthesizers, infectious rhythms and catchy vocal melodies, brought to life with acoustic and electronic instruments, thumping percussion, soaring vocals and a few surprises along the way.

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Why Live Streaming?

Size Matters
The best thing about Live Steaming is the fact that you can make your audience larger simply by streaming meaningful content in the online world. The larger your audience is, the more chances you get to convert them into paid customers and the result will definitely show in the long run.
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Better Brand Exposure
It is not all about showing your brand to potential customers, but with live streaming, you can educate people about your company and various brand you offer as well. This brings amazing opportunity and that on its own can be rewarding.
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Richer Content
Branding yourself with a logo and few articles is good idea. However, with interesting, rich and tangible content you coax your audience to follow you.
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No Restriction
With Live Streaming unlike other mediums there is no restriction of time. Live Steaming can be as long as you want, as personal as you want with your audience. If you want any restrictions, you will be the only one imposing them. So do not miss this great tool of marketing opportunity, it will be well worth your time.
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A Sense of Urgency
With Live streaming you convince your audience that you are there with the changing world. In a Mobile First World, you are ready with your offering as a brand. This earns respect from the viewer that leads to a paid customer.
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Multiple Tools Choice
Castkom can be used to show who your brand is via live streaming. We help you to stream your content on your Website, social media, an android, IOS or Window platform. The point is there are no shortage of options. We help you to find the best option that works for your brand.
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Interact with your Audience Live
No marketing medium offers you direct interaction with your audience except Live streaming. It makes interaction seamless, fun and you can earn lot of leads through direct interaction with the crowd.
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IDOS 2015

The pressure is mounting on traditional distribution of audiovisual content. Phase I and Phase II digitalisation have been implemented though many issues require resolution from players across the ecosystem, including commercial and policy practices. The Phase III and IV deadlines are approaching and a major impetus is needed from all the participants to meet them. At the same time, DTH and satellite TV continues to grow and readies itself for the next phases of digitalization but the DTH industry’s future growth, health and commercial dynamics also require changes on the ground and in policy.

Meanwhile, cable & satellite distribution is facing new challenges on the horizon: over the top services and broadcast network based apps and the impending rollout of 4G services by Airtel, Vodfone, and Reliance Industries.

IDOS 2015 reflects on the status of the ecosystem and brings together key stakeholders to challenge, debate and provide resolution on the key catalysts to drive the next, profitable wave of digitalization that drives value for consumer and industry, alike.








G-Host is a portable HW Server Uplink product line that can be used for local streaming or for uplink into your preferred distribution network such as YouTube,Akamai,Amazon. G-Host Series is portable and easy to configure. Embedded with Castkom’s algorithms it offers superior quality video no matter what kind of internet connection you have. Patented technologies give the best ROI and TCO for prosumers and single channel broadcasters. Please contact your nearest Castkom representative for attractive plug and play packages.


E-Host series, the entry level HW Server product line offers the right blend of price/performance for low volume video transcoding sessions. Based on Castkom’s algorithms and offering it’s across the board features, it gives customers the best TCO for entry level solutions.



E-Host Pro series, the entry level HW Server product line offers the right blend of price/performance for low volume video transcoding sessions. Based on Castkom’s algorithms and offering it’s across the board features, it gives customers the best TCO for entry level solutions.


Castkom provide all the features that will deliver a profound video streaming experience that was previously not possible with high associated costs. This experience is about a reliable, exceptional, social and interactive online video delivery.

Multiple bitrate streaming
Location based videos
Live Surveys
Available both live and after the event
Statistical report about the audience
Multiple device compatible videos
Video stream with PowerPoint slides
Live Q & A feature
Secure registration process
Video Editing